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P&G NWA: Human Resources Internship

19 février 2012 344 consultations 0 commentaire

Objective is to lead a project in the Human Resources department; the project is closely linked to the business need and requires close coordination with the business partners. Projects are available either in recruiting or training areas or in work process simplification area.

As HR Intern, your objective is to ensure each project is delivered with excellence.

Key tasks:

  • Understand the business issues and gather data,
  • Align on proposed plan with the business partners,
  • Lead execution and deliver results


  • Second or last year of a business or engineering school,
  • Must have proven success from school or work experience of strong leadership in direction setting and enrolling others
  • Initiative & follow-through: the intern will have to go to people, ask for their help and follow-up until they provide him with the necessary data/support/information;
  • Communication: this one is key as well since the intern will have to share his/her findings at the end of the internship, work with agencies etc.
  • 3 to 6 months internship

Please send your resume to : with the subject : HR Intern

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