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Infomineo : Associate in business research

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Location : Casablanca, Morocco
Presentation of the company
Infomineo is a company dedicated to value added business and investment research. It is headed by
Martin Tronquit, a former Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group and Hamza Laraichi a former
Engagement Manager at McKinsey.
Based in Casablanca, Morocco, the company offers a global coverage plus a focus on the EMEA
region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).
Our clients are consulting firms, the financial services industry, large companies and some public
institutions. For more details please visit
Presentation of the position
Associates are in charge of conducting data research.
Their main tasks will be:
  Take over the most complex generalist data research on public sources and secondary
research on databases;
  Analyze the client’s request;
  Define a methodology of research;
  Perform primary and secondary research;
  Bring their field of expertise ( by industry, by region or by topic);
  Analyze the data relative to business requests;
  Establish the deliverables with packaging prior to be sent to the client;
  Ensure the back up of their managers.
They have a direct relationship with clients and define an approach under the supervision of their
manager. They are also in certain comfort zone while responding to clients’ request. Their
performance will be measured in both quality (accurate information and well analyzed) and on their
quantity (total client’s requests delivered).
Based on their performance, the analyst would have the possibility to:
  Develop new skills and move to a manager position;
  Take a role within corporate function.
Profil :
This position is very demanding. We expect candidates, with a master’s degree, ideally in business
intelligence or general management, and 3 to 5 years of relevant work experience, to have:
  Strong analytical skills: Ability to analyze a problem, ask relevant questions and envisage all
possible ways to answer clients’ questions;
  Structure and methodology; Ability to define a pragmatic work plan and to get organized to
implement this plan in a rigorous manner;
  A field of expertise: By industry, by region or by topic
  Autonomy: Ability to take a request from A to Z in an autonomous manner
  An entrepreneurial spirit: Will to join an ambitious start-up company;
  Full proficiency in English – Additional languages are a plus;
  Perfect command in Microsoft Office;
  Ideally Experience in data gathering and analysis: Knowledge of databases, experience in
expert research techniques.
  An interest for Africa and the Middle East
Contract : CDI
To apply:
Send an e-mail (no CV attached) with the title [Associate] to, a
briefing will be sent with a presentation of the company, of the positions, and of  the recruitment
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